Graceland - A Fan is Born

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A Fan is Born

I knew nothing of Elvis as I walked through Graceland. That's me taking the picture of Elvis. By the time I got to the Meditation Garden, I was thoroughly converted.

In Memphis, I bought a 3-CD box set, "Elvis, Artist of the Century" (RCA), and a CD titled "Elvis 56" (1956 was his first year as a recording phenom). At the time of this writing, I have also bought and listened to "Sunrise - Elvis Presley" (RCA), and "Suspicious Minds" (RCA). I read Down at the End of Lonely Street: The Life and Death of Elvis Presley by Peter Brown and Pat Broeske, a biography on Elvis, and I plan to read more.

The life and times of Elvis are now fascinating to me, his music even more so. My musical hero, Eric Clapton, is a living legend, but in the Elvis box set, Clapton is quoted as saying "I just like to think of his trailblazing glorious best, when he sang black music in white style and taught the world something about true originality."

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